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Reliable HDD technology in a lonely region
Country wise Finland is almost as large as Germany but has 5.4m inhabitants only. Countless lakes and many nameless islands characterise the country. Not far away from Suonenjoki, a city with 7500 inhabitants and round about 300km in the north of Hel... [further information]
TT-UK’s sales partners Reef Trenchless Technology will be exhibiting at No Dig South Africa
TT-UK’s sales partners and Bronze Sponsors - Reef Trenchless Technology will be exhibiting at No Dig South Africa 29th & 30th July 2014.Also in attendance will be Roger Atherton - Business Development Manager of TT-UK. Visit Reef on Stand N... [further information]
A Milestone at the Stuttgart Site
Weighing in at 2,000 metric tons, the Herrenknecht AG tunnel boring machine is to commence work on excavating two single-track tunnel tubes through the Filder Plateau extending along the south of the Baden-Württemberg capital of Stuttgart. Each ... [further information]
Replacement of a 600 mm concrete pipe using pipe bursting in Roses, Spain
In May 2014 the city of Roses has replaced a concrete pipe Ø 600 mm with a PE pipe of the same diameter. The pipe bursting system applied was a GRUNDOBURST 2500G by manufacturer TRACTO-TECHNIK. The works were carried out by the construction co... [further information]
Teamwork ensures swift pipe jacking under the Elbe.
16.12.2014 - Breakthrough by a micro-tunnelling machine from Herrenknecht in a pipe-jacking project near Hamburg has closed a decisive gap in the construction of two new gas pipelines. The 1.5 kilometer route runs up to 35 meters under the Elbe through various, p...
First Water Sewerage Company in Bulgaria using pipe-bursting
15.12.2014 - Water Supply and Sewerage - Pazardzhik is the first company in Bulgaria, which had bought new equipment with most advanced Scandinavian method pipe-bursting, which is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines. With this new equipment Water Su...
The stocks are up
11.12.2014 - Trenchless Australasia speaks with Director and Senior Consultant Charles Stockton from Stockton Drilling Services about the future of the horizontal directional drilling industry, the need for guidelines, and technological advances....
Sewer rehabilitation with SPR™ technology in Budapest, Hungary
04.12.2014 - With the consistent application of Spiral-Wound technology along several kilometers and for several years, Budapest has developed into a model city for Spiral-Wound pipe rehabilitation in Europe. The individual versions of the technology are suitable...
CCTV Reporting Training aids Northumbrian water response teams
03.12.2014 - Northumbrian Water (NW), like all water companies, has to be able to handle and respond to a variety of different circumstances and customer related incidents during the course of its operations. Following various sewer flooding incidents within its ...
Infrastructure Middle East
02.12.2014 - International Conferences and Exhibition on Underground Infrastructure, Water and Waste Water, Traffic and Transportation...
10th Pipeline Technology Conference
02.12.2014 - From 8-10 June 2015 the 10th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) will take place in Berlin, Germany.   Since 2006, the main focus of the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) is on latest technologies and new developments in the international ...
Putin cancels new natural gas pipeline to Europe
02.12.2014 - In a measure of the dramatically reshaped relations between Russia and the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday scrapped plans for a major new natural gas pipeline to Europe, a surprise decision that came as the ruble slumped to an all-ti...
C J Kelly and Brawoliner celebrate 15 years together
26.11.2014 - During the course of 2014 C J Kelly Associates celebrated its 15th year as the only Official Appointed UK distributor for Brawoliner across the UK and Ireland. Commenting on this historic event for the company John Kelly, senior partner of C J Kelly ...
HOBAS® XXL Tank DN 3600 Protects Dąbrowa Górnicza Against Floods
11.11.2014 - In the view of environmental influences and the expansion of urban areas, the issue of flood prevention becomes a key task for urban infrastructure. HOBAS Tanks have become a widely accepted remedy for this problem – such as a 2,410 m³ lar...
Why is Nagpur Water 95% Pure
10.11.2014 - The Orange City Water (OCW) along with rehabilitation work (changing of pipelines and House Service Connections : HSCs) have also completed restoration work on war footing as part of NMCs ambitious uninterrupted (24X7) water supply project in almost ...
Waterloo Water Works bores under Highway 20 to fix broken main
10.11.2014 - A big drill is helping replace a key broken Waterloo Water Works main. Summers Enterprise, of Masonville, bored a 3-foot diameter hole under U.S. Highway 20 at Ansborough Avenue and will be pulling through a new 14-inch water main soon to replac...
LMK Technologies and President Larry Kiest Jr. Win Chicago 2014 Innovations Award
06.11.2014 - Ottawa, Ill.- based company LMK Technologies was honored Oct. 30 for its creativity and new product technology as a recipient of the Chicago Innovation Awards as part of the Midwest’s largest annual celebration for creativity and innovation.&nb...
2015 Horizontal Directional Drilling Academy
05.11.2014 - Between the growth of the North American oil and gas industry and our aging underground infrastructure, the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market continues to expand. As with any industry, education is vital to continued development and growth...
03.11.2014 - TSITT (Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology) held the NO DIG TURKEY 2014 CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION in Istanbul TR on August 28th-31st in conjunction with WATER LOSS TURKEY FORUM with the valuable support of ISTT, GSTT, Turkish...
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