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Manual of Trenchless Project Supervision

Author / Editor: Prof. Niranjan Swarup
Publisher: Indian Society for Trenchless Technology
Bibliography: edition 2012

Price: 156.00 €
incl. 7% VAT

This article will be released: 15.03.2012

Trenchless project supervision is the most critical link of the trenchless project execution chain. Supervision involves activities related to planning, direction and coordination of onsite activities that result in turning drawings and specifications into reality. This job is highly complex and requires extensive knowledge and skills, both about applied technique as well as general construction process to get the project executed successfully. The manual provides basic guidelines for supervising trenchless projects and can be of assistance to constructional professionals interested to supervise such projects.

This book will be shipped through the Indian Socity for Trenchless Technology, and also billed separately by those with U.S. $ 200.

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