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Cutting robots made in Germany now available for renting in UK
UMole as one of the leading providers for trenchless technology equipment is a reliable partner for both sale and rental as well as optimized service across the UK and Ireland since more than 25 years. President Russel Fairhurst of UMole is glad to take a new opportunity to extend the capability.
First met at NO-DIG Brazil in the end of 2012 the first contact with IBG Hydro-Tech GmbH caused to a satisfying result for both companies. After the exhibition in São Paulo Frank Claassen, the sales manager of IBG Hydro-Tech, met Russel in one of the 12 nationwide depots in Great Gransden to finalize the popped up idea to rent the HydroCut Lateral Cutter series of IBG Hydro-Tech. Since January 2013 UMole is the official rental partner of IBG Hydro-Tech on its home market. 
The German based company is developing and manufacturing a variety of robot milling systems for relined pipes with various curve passabilities. The robots are driven with high water pressure and are applicable for either circular and egg shaped pipes. All robots are easy to handle due to a mobile control unit or an integrated vehicle control panel. The complete range offers four innovated robots usuable in pipes of ID 100 mm up to ID 800 mm. HydroCut 60 and 100 that are perfect for house connections can be positioned by push rods or milling eels. The bigger version are self-proppeld. All cutting robots have the same high resilience and can be centured secure by using guide rails and a bracing unit. The high milling performance is guaranteed with all cutting heads usable for a wide range of pipe material.
To get more UMole details and the rentable cutting system visit: www.umole.co.uk
For IBG Hydro-Tech product details please visit: www.ibg-hydro-tech.de