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Blow-outs of anti-siphon traps as a result of high pressure cleaning
It is often an underrated risk: blow-outs of anti-siphon traps during a high pressure cleaning procedure. That can happen from time to time and results an odour nuisance or even a contamination of restrooms. IBG Hydro-Tech developed a nozzle-series called Abano technology that can handle this problem by using reduced water pressure at excellent all-around cleaning.
Therefore we want to establish this rotating nozzle as a standard nozzle at the sewer cleaning market. The nozzle inserts are positioned in different angles. With only few movements the cover of the front jet can be removed to react to under- or overpressure. 
The Abano technology was prooven by several professional users during a test phase of a third party - a German institute with a research project covering this topic (Institut für Rohrleitungsbau an der Fachhochschule Oldenburg e.V.). The project is devided into different phases. One of it was a test phase on different job-sites. 
All operators confirm the easy handling of the Abano nozzle as well as the very good curve passability and the efficient application. During all tests there was no single blow-out.
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