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Pipeline - Pipe - Sewer - Technology Conference & Exhibition (PPST)
The civilized world has constructed some 3.5 million km of high pressure pipelines for oil, gas and water over the last 100 years - about 25,000 km of new pipelines are added every year. On the side of medium and low pressure pipe networks for gas and water distribution, district heating and cooling as well as sewers for waste water disposal we are talking about roughly 25 million km. The annual construction of new lines is estimated at 30,000 km. According to statistics the length of the supply and disposal network within different economies correlates very closely to their economic success. The largest networks could be found in the industrialized countries of North America and Europe. But poorly constructed and uneconomically operated, leaking pipeline, pipe and sewer networks are major cost drivers and can damage the environment.
In many places around the world water losses are extremely high and damaged sewers pollute the ground water. Losses in the district heating and cooling networks are also a waste of financial resources and gas leakages could even lead to serious and fatal accidents. Organizations all around the world work on technical solutions for safety improvements, maximum reliability, economic efficiency and environmental protection of supply and disposal systems.
The Pipeline - Pipe - Sewer - Technology Conference & Exhibition (PPST) intends to further appropriate solutions and the international exchange of experiences.

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