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Sliplining saves time and money in Queensland
ITS Trenchless recently provided a cost-saving alternative to North Burdekin Water Board when rehabilitating a 900 mm and 1,350 mm diameter watermain at the Rocks Pump Station in Ayr, Queensland. North Burdekin Water Board (NBWB) own and operate the Rocks Pump Station located in the Queensland town of Ayr. The station pumps water from the Burdekin River via two separate 165 m lengths of 900 mm and 1,350 mm reinforced concrete pipelines and discharges it into the nearby Sheep Station Creek, which forms the start of the open channel irrigation distribution system. The Board had experienced significant pipework leaks from both pipelines due to deteriorated rubber rings in the pipework joints. An internal CCTV inspection and condition assessment of the pipeline also identified a number of joints had root penetration, with some showing signs of separation. To add to NBWB’s concerns, a number of pipework sections were showing longitudinal or circumferential cracks.