Geotechnical planning and drilling consultancy

Geotechnical planning and drilling consultancy

Our offer refers to all kinds of horizontal,radial and vertical bores in the top 200 m of the underground.
  • Geological research and geotechnical analysis (geological cross sections, geo-risks and -hazards, etc.)
  • Drillability analysis, drill routing, drilling process optimization to improve efficiency and reduce risk during the drill job
  • Advice on technical drilling applications and geological issues (feasibility assessments and implementation concepts)
  • Support during the tendering procedure • Geotechnical expertise for supporting supplementary negotiations - including expert opinion
  • Evaluation of the underground’s thermal usability for ground source heat pump systems
  • Planning, design and dimensioning of water wells and geothermal installations
  • Assistance in obtaining approval for drilling applications
  • Economic evaluations of general nature and for energy systems in buildings according to the standard EN15459
  • Market research with reference to shallow drilling technology and geothermal drilling
  • Professional training of drillers

To deliver optimal results, we keep up to date with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Expert software for drilling and routing, drilling fluid composition, optimising drilling routes, choosing the most appropriate drilling tools
  • Access to international geological databases and a comprehensive collection of geological maps
  • Software for designing vertical and radial ground loop fields (GED, EED, expert software for radial ground loop fields)
  • Geothermal and hydrogeological finite element modelling (e.g. impact of groundwater flow on ground source loop fields, water wells, underground freezing using Geoslope Seep/Temp W)
  • Thermal calculations and proof of borehole heat exchangers, spiral collectors, heat exchangers in general (i.a. VDI – Heat Atlas 2013)
  • Optimisation of ground source loop fields and water wells

Geotechnical planning and drilling consultancy

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Person to contact:
Dipl.-Geologe Dr. Hans-Joachim Bayer
Phone: +49 (0)1525 - 4017799