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Frank Föckersperger - Plowing in the Desert
This many tons heavy special vehicles are developed and manufactured in Münchaurach (Germany). To buy such a system includes a training. Frank Föckersperger was a little bit proud, when he was watching the new cable plow working on the field and told us about the soon delivery of the complete set to the Arabian countries. The head of the Frank Föckerperger GmbH explaint how he came into business with the Arabians.
„More than a year ago an Arabian company asked about details of the technology and wanted to know more about it“, he remembers. They suggested to apply the cable plows of the company from Münchaurach including the operating staff just in the Arabian countries. The boss himself was not really excited to send his people together with the cable plow to Arabia. So the contact to the Arabian company was interrupted for the moment.
Only at the end of last year the company called again and notified their visit in Münchaurach. „No doubt, the representitives were stoked of the francovian system and intented to get one categorically.“
Frank Föckersperger received the order to built a cable plow fit for desert conditions and the tracking vehicle equiped in the same way. The cable plow with its four wheel drive was upgraded by a cabin equiped with air condition, „after all the machine has to operate at a temperature of about 50 degrees“. Some of the units were reinforced and adapted to the special conditions.
Since the beginning of last week four workers of the arabian company came to Münchaurach together with an interpreter, to be instructed in operating the new machine. „During the first two days the four have been quite sceptical about all that. Now my people, the instructors Roland Maier and Armin Kress, are only watching how they operate the machines“, noticed Frank Föckersperger looking out for the machines on the field.
The four colleagues come from different countries of the arabian region. They are excited about the machine and about Germany as well, translated the interpreter  Quasian Aso.
The four Arabian drivers are awaiting  a not easy challenge after coming home. „There are to be layed out in the ground more than  1500 kilometers of fiber optic cables“, mentioned Aso. When the plow was ordered Föckersperger expected water pipelines. This arabian company is operating all over the arabian region and the cable plow from Münchaurach will be applied Saudi Arabia and in the Emirates as well. „We estimate we need more strong machines“, declared the interpreter. 
The machine from Münchaurach ist he first machine of its kind in the arabian countries. Up to now trenches were excavated by a digger.“ And he adds: „In a couple of days the winch truck and the cable plow will be loaded and transported to Italy and from there by ship to Turkey and at last by road to Iraq.“ 
Meanwhile more contacts exist : A plow will be delivered to the french coast and prospective customers are calling from eastern Europe. Georg Föckersperger, Frank´s father, started in 1971 to develop and design cable plows and winch machines.
The Frank Föckersperger  cable plow system is now well known all over the world and the company was  „not by chance the winner of the Innovation award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry  in the category market success and quality and winner of the Industrial Award 2012 in the category mechanical engineering”.
Rzgar Mohammad and Dheea Wakhab are looking forward to their mission. 
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