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GRUNDOMAT helps in getting more people connected in the UK
As recently shown on BBC News – BT installing Broadband to rural areas - the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer has assisted in the Broadband connection roll out for the UK. Fast reliable broadband internet access is essential for homes throughout the whole of the country, to enable them to benefit from on-line services and access to information and to enable UK businesses to compete globally. It is no secret that some areas of the UK have access to faster broadband and download speeds than others, with many rural areas receiving much slower speeds than cities and urban areas. Ideally suited for projects in both rural and urban areas, the GRUNDOMAT moleing technique is the ideal cost effective way to install fibre optic cables, beneath roads and pavements. With the GRUNDOMAT you can install cables right up to customer’s properties safely and without the disruption and longer timescales that traditional open cut trenching creates.

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