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Underground cabling in rock beneath Intercity railway line
It was almost a year ago that the company Clemens Reuschenbach from Rossbach in Germany was involved with ground cabling measures for the connection service line from the villages Puderbach to Oberhonnefeld with two 20 kV cables and a glass-fibre cable. The reason for the measure was the deconstruction of the 20 KV open line from SÜWAG Frankfurt, to make the power supply more secure. Now the time had arrived to close the gap over a total length of 375 m beneath the high-speed intercity railway line from Frankfurt to Cologne, the A3 motorway and the L 265 main road close to the waste deposit site of the Neuwied district. The ambitious bore project was carried out by the company Clemens Reuschenbach, together with their sister company REVOR GmbH from Rossbach / Wied.

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