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HDD goes under live gas facilities
In a project that saw the first use of horizontal directional drilling to pass below live processing facilities in Australia, Stockton Drilling Services was engaged by the Longford Gas Plant to assist in the design and construction supervision of twelve horizontal directional drills for the Longford Gas Conditioning Project in Sale, Victoria. The development of a new gas conditioning plant to the east of Longford Gas Plant’s existing processing facility required control cables and high voltage cables to be rerouted in and around the existing live crude oil and gas plants. Stockton developed a strategy where the scope would be split into two distinct parts. The initial scope, known as the Northern Alignment, would be packaged as seven drills to install conduits from manhole to manhole. These would be 125 mm HDPE ducts and range in length from 150-270 m. These works could then be undertaken by a small rig operator outside the main plant areas using the minimum required footprint. The second scope, known as the Southern Alignment, would be conducted from within the plant boundary with a drilled length of just over 1,000 m. The alignment would pass beneath existing infrastructure for Gas Plants 1, 2 and 3 and the Crude Stabilisation Plant. In total, sixteen conduits for high-voltage and earth cables would need to be fabricated and installed.
Source: Trenchless Australasia