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Utilities have a better way to drill that is less disruptive
No torn-up streets. No scarred lawns. No heavy equipment parked out front for days. And a new natural gas line installed in less than an hour. Those are the benefits of a directional drilling process UGI is using to efficiently provide natural gas to new customers in its service area. How efficient? On Friday, the company in one day installed three new gas lines for customers on Spring Dell Road. When the work crew was done, only three small holes by the side of the road provided any evidence of the installation. Those holes were dug to tie the service lines from the customers' homes into UGI's main line, which also had been installed next to the roadway with a directional drill. And how fast? One service line, which stretched 225 feet from the UGI main to the residence, took less than a half-hour to install. PPL Electric Utilities also uses directional drilling when it wants to minimize the environmental impact of installing underground electric lines, according to a PPL spokesman.