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Brawoliner expansion continues with a smaller diameter option
BRAWOLINER® has become increasingly popular as the liner of choice amongst many drainage maintenance and repair companies across the UK due to its use of a seamless lining textile fabric that has, until now, been applicable to pipes from 75 to 255 mm diameter.

Now the BRAWOLINER® range has been expanded to include a new smaller 50 mm diameter option known as BRAWOLINER® DN 50. As the smallest BRAWOLINER® produced to date it is particularly applicable to in-house rehabilitation problem and has BEEN specially designed for use in DN 50 small diameter sanitary pipes; for example from the shower to the wash basin, drain pipes in the kitchen or industrial areas. The new 50 mm diameter option eliminates the need to repair defective flush-mounted small diameter pipes using the more traditional and disruptive open cut replacement technique.

The seamless liner has the same product characteristics as the rest of the widely proven BRAWOLINER® range and can be installed wrinkle-free with a minimum pressure and through bends of up to 90°. As usual, installation takes place using the standard BRAWOLINER® inversion drum with an additional reduction nozzle. The new BRAWOLINER® DN 50 is now available to the market in lengths of 25 meters. The Brawoliner® system is designed to answer some of the more pressing environmental problems with more established lining system resins across Europe, and does this by using environmentally friendly resins and the system is manufactured to ISO9002 standard.

Further to the expansion of the BRAWOLINER® diameter range the company also now offers a BRAWOLINER® Resin mixing unit. Ensuring the correct amount of resin and hardener when preparing the resin for impregnation into liner materials, as well as obtaining a good mixture of these components, is vitally important for quality control in sewage rehabilitation. This has led to increasing numbers of contractors demanding a resin mixing machine for this part of the lining process. To meet this demand BRAWOLINER® now offers a reliable, high quality resin mixing unit that controls resin temperature as well as the required volumes of both components to provide the optimum mix of the resin and hardener in a controlled environment prior to liner impregnation. The easy-to-use unit has a Climatic Chamber with material provision for 60 kg of resin and 2 x 20 kg of hardener. The mixer also uses a Two-Stage dosing process for high-precision mixing.

All BRAWOLINER® systems are offered in the UK and Ireland by Peterborough-based CJ Kelly Associates as the distributor for the liner manufacturer KOB of Germany. For CJ Kelly Associates, John Kelly, senior partner said: “BRAWOLINER® offers a very versatile lining solution that gives wrinkle-free solutions in numerous lining situations. With the development of the new BRAWOLINER® DN50 we now see major opportunities for the smaller diameter repair market to utilise these modern rehabilitation techniques where previously the highly disruptive open cut option was the only practical one available. The BRAWOLINER® influence in the lining market continues to grow and we are very pleased to be able to offer the benefits of this product range and our wide rehabilitation experience to our both current and potential new clients.”