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Hybrid resin of IBG 2K Hybrid-Grouting-System sucessfully tested
After the possibility to introduce our new developed 2K Hybrid-Grouting-System to our clients and the trade fair visitors of the recent RO-KA-TECH held in March in Germany, we now took the next step to have the reliable power of the hybrid resin proved by an independent third party. In the entire first week of April we tested the system in various trials. The hybrid resin was grouted in diverse concrete and stoneware pipes of ID 300 and 400 (12" and 16").
The results of the test series was checked thoroughly by an authorised expert of SBKS GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. Preliminary results of viscosity, elastic modulus (E modulus), tensile strength etc. are very satisfactory. Achieved figures of adhesive tensile strength have to be highlighted as superb. The official approval will follow within the next month. 
The 2K-Hybrid-Grouting-System is a new development that convince the user by its diverse advantages. It is a very fast method to rehabilitate lateral pipe joints or to connect laterals with the main sewer after cured-in-place pipelining. Complete documentation makes every operation step traceable and ensures reliable work on the job-site. At the control unit the user can see a schematic of the mixing equipment of the hybrid resin with pumps, storage basins, valves and dfferent measured values.
Compared with current systems on market an increased daily output at comparable input can be reached. That means short-time frame procedure at 40 minutes at one hand, generally no refinishing of laterals (no additional sanding of grouting residues) on the other hand. The specially developed hybrid resin has superb chemical and physical properties. The adhesive tensile values on the liner surface are up to 400% higher than previous types. The system consists of two 200 litre material tanks. An electronically controlled pump is used to fill and remove the grout components. A 100 meter hose is connected with the tanks and supplies the resin to the operating system in the sewer. Just seconds before the resin is injected into the lateral the two components are mixed to form the hybrid resin. To ensure a constant temperature of the components at every time of the year, the tanks and the hose drum are built into an air-conditioned box.
Find more details on our new webpage: www.ibg-hydro-tech.de