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Initiative for alternative installation methods in pipeline construction
When building an underground infrastructure, terrain and soil are penetrated, i.e. the grown ground structure is disturbed by pits and trenches. Such inner city construction measures are usually carried out in grounds where an infrastructure is already available in form of existing pipes, cables and sewers. Time and again existing pipes are damaged when doing so, going along with dangers to the executing staff, third parties, operating safety of the network as well as with additional costs. Damages to existing pipes caused by excavators are part of everyday construction life. Just like road accidents, they are hardly taken notice of. These damages happen frequently but are barely recognized due to the amount of daily information. Although experience shows that definitely more damages are caused by open trenching than by trenchless pipe installation methods, the public perception is completely different. By describing and comparing the alternative construction methods to the common open trenching method, a realistic picture of the current actual construction situation can be shown in detail. This document summarizes numerous facts, pieces of information and figures which clearly speak for an initiative for alternative installation methods in pipeline construction, as these trenchless methods prove to be cost saving, economic and safe.