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BASF awards licence for Crystal Speed Hardening technology to MC-Bauchemie
For the first time, BASF has awarded a licence for use of its patented Crystal Speed Hardening technology. The license has been awarded to MC-Bauchemie, Bottrop (Germany). 
The Crystal Speed Hardening technology provides the basis for Master X-Seed concrete hardening accelerator from the Master Builders Solutions® product family. This innovative technology is already established and experiencing rapid growth in the marketplace. It accelerates concrete hardening by promoting the natural hydration of the cement without any negative influence on the workability, rheology, final strength or durability of the end product. The very high early strength values it produces in the concrete improve progress rates, productivity and energy efficiency. This leads to significant time savings in the use of ready-mix concrete on construction sites, especially in cold weather and specifically in relation to road construction and repair, as well as in off-site precast applications. Energy costs in the case of the latter are reduced, with production cycles also greatly accelerated.

In MC-Bauchemie, BASF has selected a partner capable of providing application advice and expertise to the requisite high standard while facilitating market-wide dissemination of this highly attractive concrete hardening technology.  
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