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In January 2017 the Germany-based KOB Group, manufacturer of Brawoliner®, acquired Spray-Liner GmbH based in Bergisch Gladbach. This acquisition combines two world-renowned names from the global pipeline rehabilitation industry. This combination expands KOB’s range of solutions in the trenchless sewer rehabilitation sector and reinforces its position as the leading system supplier in Europe for all rehabilitation specialists in the construction and property sector.
As KOB’s main distribution partner within the UK and Ireland C.J. Kelly Associates is currently in the process of introducing the Spray-Liner® system into its UK portfolio. With increasing awareness across the UK of the potential for trenchless and minimum access pipeline rehabilitation within existing building structures, the timing of this introduction could not be better.
Spray-Liner is a specialist system for the sealing of damaged wastewater pipes quickly and efficiently, particularly in buildings (so-called in-house rehabilitation). Applicable to pipelines from as small as 34 mm diameter up to as much as 155 mm diameter as well as various pipe materials, Spray-Liner is highly effective across most of the pipeline diameters currently within existing buildings and will therefore be of interest to not only sewer contractors but possibly even plumbers and building renovation companies. In October 2016, Spray-Liner® also gained the approval of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).
The new technology will also be of interest to home owners and insurance companies as an interesting alternative to the open construction methods often used as standard procedure to date. Just as with BRAWOLINER®, the Spray-Liner® method requires no walls or floors to be opened to access and rehabilitate damage pipes.
Spray-Liner® uses a specially developed, high quality epoxy resin system that is evenly applied to the inner wall of the pipe under repair using a spray head inserted into the pipe. Whilst the host pipe has to be clean it is not necessary with Spray-Liner that the pipe is dry prior to application of the coating. During the installation process the spray head assembly is capable of negotiating pipe bends up to and including 90o. The system can also be used to coat lateral/side connections. In all cases the coating makes an effective bond to the pipe surface irrespective of the pipe material. The materials used are also guaranteed styrene free and do not shrink during the cure process. Once applied the internal coating restores the water impermeability as well as ensuring abrasion resistance which provides additional service life. 
Commenting on the launch of the new system John Kelly Senior Partner with CJ Kelly Associates said: “We have worked KOB Group for many years and the addition of the Spray-Liner system to the company’s rehabilitation range now gives us the opportunity to offer renovation technologies for all pipes from as small as 34 mm upwards both in building and in the traditional areas outside of the building structure. The move towards the use of renovation techniques inside buildings means this new Spray-Liner® system provides an answer to many of the rehabilitation problems facing building maintenance companies and pipeline engineers today. We see a very strong future for this technology in the UK.”