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Expert Proof one - the new single-component bitumen-free structural sealant from MC
With Expert Proof one, MC-Bauchemie has developed a single-component bitumen- and solvent-free structural sealant that can be applied on site straight from the drum without any mixing or priming. Aside from the ensuing savings in both time and money, this new reactive waterproofing compound also impresses with its outstanding technical properties. It is highly flexible, crack-bridging and resistant to UV, ageing and frost conditions. Expert Proof one becomes rain-resistant in around six hours, and is completely cured to full mechanical strength within 24 hours.
Expert Proof one can be applied at air and substrate temperatures of +5°C to +35°C. Its application time is about 90 minutes. The single-component bitumen- and solvent-free reactive sealant covers the building area to be waterproofed like a skin, providing a cost-efficient, fast and reliable protective barrier. It offers good adhesion on all mineral substrates, old load-bearing bituminous barriers, metallic substrates and common plastics components such as pipes, ducts and conduits, and completely cures within 24 hours.
Multifunctional application versatility
Expert Proof one can be used for a broad range of functions, including waterproofing vertical, horizontal and sloping surfaces e.g. for tanking cellars, sealing slab floors, foundations, balconies and terraces, and also for refurbishing or upgrading old damp-proof membranes in structures and roofs. Thanks to its high resistance to UV, ageing and frost, Expert Proof one is likewise suitable for use in the visible plinth area (base wall masonry) of facades. Similarly, the reactive sealant can be readily coated and rendered.

Reliable, fast waterproofing with visual control
The speed at which Expert Proof one cures means not only a saving in materials but also a significant time gain, with the waterproofing work being carried out much faster than is usually the case. A further useful benefit is that the product changes colour from white to light grey as a visual indicator, once it has cured.

Simple application 
Expert Proof one can be applied with a roller, float, trowel or wide brush (tassel) in at least two layers, with the second sealant coat being applied fresh in fresh. Take-off of small amounts is also not a problem. Application with a screw or peristaltic pump is likewise possible.