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New Pipeline-Pipe-Sewer Technology Conference and Exhibition
The Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer, EITEP and the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce Egypt have signed a cooperation agreement in order to exchange latest technologies on pipelines, pipes and sewer expanding their safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability by organizing an international conference and exhibition under the title “Pipeline-Pipe-Sewer Technology conference and exhibition, PPST” which will take place between the 17th and 19th of September 2017 in Cairo, Egypt.
The agreement will see the two partners come together to jointly service the region and the industry worldwide by providing extended global expert knowledge across the borders. The event will focus on the exchange of information on technologies, best practices and possible solutions for the pipeline, pipe and sewer sector which suffers from a wide range of problems.
The event will cover topics relevant to the transportation and distribution of oil, gas and water as well as the disposal of waste water. The Conference features governmental officials and top-class speakers from research facilities and the industry dedicated to improve the pipeline, pipe and sewer technologies while in parallel an exhibition will boast organizations and companies with products or services. The coordination of the technical / scientific content of the conference will be carried out in two international advisory committees focused on energy and water. 
This kind of joint discussion surrounding all pipe-related infrastructures will provide several synergies and will be of benefit for the local industry and the international community.
About EITEP:
The Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer in Environmental Protection, EITEP, was originally founded by the German technical and scientific associations on energy and water. The main objective of the EITEP Institute is to foster the international information and technology transfer in the water, energy, environment and infrastructure sector. The institute cooperates with different federal and regional governmental ministries, institutions of higher education and our partner associations and their member companies. By means of this network in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, the EITEP Institute develops and organizes international conferences, seminars and electronic journals.
Contact: Mr. Marian Ritter, ppst@eitep.de
About AHK MENA: 
The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) was established in Egypt in 1951. Representing more than 3300 member companies, GACIC is the largest organisation in the framework of business cooperation between Germany and the Arab world. With 85% of its members being Egyptian companies the GACIC focuses on member support and is very closely interlinked with the Egyptian governmental and private sector institutions such as the Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FedCoc) in Egypt and the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI).  Through a multitude of projects, conferences and delegation exchanges, the GACIC has developed excellent relationship to key-decision makers in each industrial sector and respective ministries. The German-Arab Chamber is regarded as one of the best organizers of high-profile conference and exhibition in Egypt. 
Contact: Ms. Marion Kußmann, marionkussmann@ahk-mena.com
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