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Ireland-based Underground Technical Services Ltd (UTS), the UK and Ireland dealer for Wiedemann enviro-tec, recently delivered a new Wiedemann recycler unit to Wellington-based Oneline Surveys Ltd in Somerset, UK. What is unique about the new unit for the UK is that it the first in the country to carry the Wiedemann SPUTNIK camera jetting system.
The new recycler, specially designed to Oneline’s specifications, is based on the well-renowned Wiedemann SUPER 1000, one-tank sewer cleaning vehicle that is widely used across Europe. The Wiedemann SUPER 1000 delivered to Oneline was constructed at the Wiedemann site in Germany after careful and full consultation with Oneline’s directors to fit precisely the function for which it is intended.
According to Mike Sheehy, managing director of UTS: “This is one of the most versatile recyclers on the market today with various configurations available. In this instance, the unit was specially fitted with the SPUTNIK system along with the full control and monitoring system that comes with it.”
For Oneline Surveys Stuart Johnson, Managing Director said: “What makes the vehicle so versatile for us is that the addition of the SPUTNIK system to the new rig gives us the ability not only to complete the major high pressure pipeline cleaning operations that we have undertaken for a long time now, but we can also investigate and clean lateral connections that we come across during these operations.”
This is the second SUPER 1000 unit purchased by Oneline, but the first with the addition of the SPUTNIK. Both recyclers are constructed on a Mercedes-Benz AROCS 480 HP chassis with an automatic gearbox and 6x2 rear steer with:
• A stainless steel tank with 9,000 litre sludge and 3,000 litre recycled water capacities
• A fully automatic and continuous Wiedemann Recycling system
• Emptying by tipping
• A Wiedemann KW4000 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump moving 4000 m3/hr (± 2400 cfm) – an efficiency saving on this unit is that recycled water from the truck can be used in the vacuum pump rather than a fresh water supply being required
• Suction hose reel with 20 m of 6 in (150 mm) diameter suction hose
• A URACA Jetting pump providing 406 l/min at 175 Bar
• Combined Suction and Jetting Boom with a large reel containing 240 m of 1¼ in (32 mm) diameter hose with automatic hose layering and meterage and a small reel containing 100 m of ½ in (12.5 mm) diameter hose with automatic hose layering. The Boom is telescopic and offers full 180o coverage around the rear of the truck
• A Radio remote control with display screen
• A Touch screen operation control panel with an integrated diagnostics system
• A Winter operation option – to prevent pipes freezing 
• Other equipment including: An Automatic Greasing system; a Heated Clothes locker; hot and cold hand washing facility, Hose trays, sign and cone storage and storage cabinets; a Reversing camera and Lighting package and a Jetting Nozzle package 
The company also operates a Wiedemann Deep Suction Tanker with a 13,000 l sludge tank that is emptied by tipping, which utilises a Wiedemann KW3000 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump that provides a flow of some 3,000 m3/hr (approximately 1,800 cfm) via its 30 m suction hose. The unit, which is based on a Scania 320 HP 6x2 rear steer chassis also offers a telescopic boom with full 180o coverage around rear of truck; a High Pressure system offering 75 l/min at 180 Bar; 100 m of ½ in (13 mm) diameter hose with automatic hose layering; Radio remote control with display screen; a winter operation mode, to prevent pipes freezing as well as other equipment.
The Wiedemann SPUTNIK nozzle system, also known as ‘The Flying Camera Nozzle’ is attached at the rear of the vehicle next to the main hose reel assembly. The unit is attached using a telescopic/travelling hose reel that allows the system to be operated independently of the main hoses reels whilst being adjacent to the recycling hose as and when needed.
The SPUTNIK system has its own control panel which allows operators to manoeuvre the Automatic Cable reel (with meter counter and 140 m of ¾ in (19 mm) diameter hose) to view, record, and add text etc. to the video during the cleaning/inspection operation.
The Jetting nozzle/High resolution camera module is constructed with Super bright LED lighting. This ‘flying’ nozzle utilises the cleaning jet, by varying pressure and direction (achieved by rotating the hose reel at the truck with a full 180o rotation capability), to clean and view the pipeline as well as ‘Steer’ the jetting head into lateral connections, even through multiple bends. This means that all operations within the main pipe and its laterals can be performed from one access point. The intuitive Steering function is controlled via the radio remote control unit used in operating the main vehicle. To aid this steering capacity the first 10 m of the jetting hose is a ½ in (12.5 mm) diameter section for flexibility.
The SPUTNIK system is also available with the SPUTNIK-FLOOR, a large floor cleaning nozzle with integrated camera. This nozzle is used in combination with the large hose reel for large pipe cleaning and desilting as well as viewing and recording the main pipe as it is cleaned.
UTS also offers various other nozzles and attachments for use with the SPUTNIK platform and further add-ons are currently under development such as remote office monitoring of operations to support trouble shooting and problem solving without the need to leave site.
For Oneline Surveys Stuart Johnson concluded: “The design and layout of the hoses and all systems on this truck are very safety orientated which is an absolute must for us. But even beyond that this unit will make our operations significantly more time and cost efficient at site, which has to be good for both ourselves and our clients as well as the public at large.”
For Wiedemann enviro-tec Marco Dammer, Managing Director said: “Using feedback from our customers that are currently operating SPUTNIK in various countries, we continue to develop new attachments for the SPUTNIK platform as we learn of different types of work that our customers would like to carry out with the system.”
In closing Mike Sheehy commented: “We at UTS see this potentially as a ‘first of many’. The versatility of the recycler system, a facility that is increasingly being called for by clients with pipes to clean, and the addition of the SPUTNIK that enables lateral work to be completed from the same set up as main line cleaning, brings a level of efficiency to the industry that has not been seen before in the UK. Once contractors see just how this will improve their productivity there will be no going back.”