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German transmission system operators publish Network Development
The German transmission system operators, whose gas transmission systems make a key contribution to the security of supplies in Germany and Europe, have published a draft scenario framework for the Network Development Plan Gas 2014. The framework lays the foundations for the preparation of the third Network Development Plan (NDP) and indicates various model variants for the German transmission system up to 2024. This is a key prerequisite for the reliable development of the natural gas system of the future in line with demand. The scenario framework has been published on the website of Vereinigung der Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber Gas e.V. (FNB Gas) at www.fnb-gas.de. In particular, the current draft of the scenario framework has been adapted to the results of the consultation process for the Network Development Plant 2013. For example, the model variants take into consideration the declining availability of group L gas and the investigation of the various possible group H gas delivery routes. “The market area changeover will need to be prepared well in advance together with everyone concerned in order to ensure security of supplies without any restrictions. The necessary measures must be identified and planned at an early stage,” emphasises Inga Posch, Executive Director of FNB Gas. In this context, the gas transmission system operators are investigating two variants of expected demand from downstream network operators in the current scenario framework.