Software for HDD path planning,
drilling parameter selections
and jobsite documentation

Good Planning Makes Great Cents

Every successful horizontal, fluid assisted drilling job is a result of well prepared planning for a significant increase in safety and efficiency of the drilling operation while also providing for greater cost calculation precision.

The HDD Quick-PLANNER is new high-performance software yielding quick and easy to understand results according to the drilling parameters input. HDD Quick-PLANNER is designed to be a user-friendly software, fun to use while at the same time being a powerful support for HDD projects.

Influencing factors such as pipe material, topography, landmarks, overhead and underground barriers, safety limits, bending radii and many others can be selected with subsequent parameters being taken then from a databank and then incorporated in to the calculation for an optimal bore path.

Also, according to the soil type selected, both a drilling fluid mixture and drilling tool configuration are recommended, whereby the software user can either accept or modify these settings. In any case the resulting calculations are immediately performed and illustrated. Similarly, the number of reaming processes, pullback speed, pulling forces including calculations for pipe ballasting are calculated.

The HDD Quick-PLANNER requires Microsoft Excel (2007 version or higher) for PC , laptop or tablet.

Ideally Suited for Following Tasks

  • performing an initial drilling project feasibility analysis on the jobsite (2-D plan using walkover detection)
  • providing decision support on the jobsite before and during drilling
  • serving as an interactive protocol sheet when tracking current drill tool positions
  • functioning as an on-the-job “lessons learned” instrument providing numerical and graphic correlations for better understanding of the varying drilling parameters
  • performing an initial drilling project feasibility analysis on the jobsite
  • enabling for better tool selection and optimized drilling parameters from experience gained

Designed by HDD experts for

  • underground pipe and utility line construction companies
  • HDD site managers and machine operators
  • engineering and planning firms
  • utility municipal works and regional suppliers
  • HDD public or private project consultants

Your Competitive Edge

  • very user friendly and highly productive operation and calculation functions for all parameters related to drilling
  • quick, precise and significant bore path planning
  • risk-reduced drilling performance
  • high efficiency and drilling safety
  • compilation and documentation of the bore path according to accepted standards
  • graphic presentation of the bore path
  • simple selection of parameters via database or option for customized input
  • practical and extremely useful aid for the quick planning of a drilling operation

Software Training

We strongly recommend our application training especially tailored for this software use. Over a period of two days, the software user will be trained to utilize all the various program features to their fullest extent:

  • full explanation of all technical terms employed in the drilling program
  • in-depth review and “hand” calculation of all the program formulas
  • identifying counter productive settings and knowing how to achieve an optimal selection
  • how to evaluate the tool capacity and its relevance for parameter selection
  • how to conduct a profitability analysis using the determined drilling parmameters

For more information on this training, simply contact training@tracto-technik.de

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