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Hot off the press: operating instructions for manual rehabilitation with ERGELIT dry mortars
Manhole shaft coating is carried out whenever extraneous water penetrates the wall or floor of the shaft, when it leaks, when wastewater could percolate into the surrounding soil and when there is corrosion damage. Coating is carried out by hand or mechanically, depending on the degree and type of deterioration. In both cases the damaged shaft wall must first be thoroughly blast-cleaned with a high-pressure water jet.
On the 19th September 2013, for the Kassel Reparaturtag, Hermes Technologie, Schwerte, published an operating manual for rehabilitating structures when hand-coating with ERGELIT dry mortars. The Hermes rehabilitation specialists, already pioneers when it comes to qualification and certification schemes, have taken the next logical step, combining the application of top class rehabilitation materials and working techniques and describing quality assurance in detail. 
As Rainer Hermes, managing director of Hermes Technologie, explains, the present manual contains detailed descriptions of every relevant aspect of substrate preparation, manual coating, injection and sealing techniques  as well as follow-up treatment for the coated surfaces. 
Comprehensive risk assessments covering every procedure from A to Z round off this manual for repairing structures using ERGELIT. The manual, available in a practical pocket format, can be ordered from office@hermes-technologie.de or by phone on +49 2304 97123-11.
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