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Pipe replacement in the historic city of Warsaw
As part of the renovation of the water supply system at Miodowa street in the historic city of Warsaw an old steel pipe was replaced with a cast iron pipe using static pipe bursting over 400 m length. It was decided to replace the steel pipe ND 150 mm with a ductile iron pipe of the same diameter. A major requirement of the client was minimal interference of the traffic along the busy Miodowa road, so the project called for a trenchless replacement method. Plus the existing underground infrastructure had to be located exactly.
The compact GRUNDOBURST 800G was chosen as the ideal bursting rig for this project. All work associated with the renovation took place with constant foot traffic and cycling. One 100 m long renovation section required special attention because the route went along directly under an existing gas pipeline.
To prevent possible damage to this gas pipe, it was necessary to carefully check the diameter of the roller blades and expand with caution. Finally the gas pipe had to be  lifted up a few centimetres using special actuators to avoid having to change the route of the pipe. 
Thanks to their fast click-shut connection the QuickLock rods were pushed through this 100 m section in only 45 minutes. When being pulled back, the roller blade attached to the bursting rods shattered the old pipe was roller blade wads attached pulled back with and the new cast iron pipe was pulled in simultaneously.  The RUNDOBURST 800G provided the necessary force to destroy the old pipes without problems, yet the tensile loads, which were constantly monitored using the GRUNDOLOG measuring device, did not exceed the permitted limit of 150 kN. Renovation of this 100 m section took approx. 8 hours. The complete pipe replacement project including all back-work was completed within 2 weeks.

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