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Replacement of a 600 mm concrete pipe using pipe bursting in Roses, Spain
In May 2014 the city of Roses has replaced a concrete pipe Ø 600 mm with a PE pipe of the same diameter. The pipe bursting system applied was a GRUNDOBURST 2500G by manufacturer TRACTO-TECHNIK. The works were carried out by the construction company Aqualogy from Murcia.
The jobsite was supervised by TRACTO-TECHNIK’s partner in Spain SISTEMAS. Altogether 295 m of old pipe had to be exchanged over two sections of 185 and 110 metres. Renewal of the sections took one day each at a pulling-in speed of 2 meters per minute. The special challenge of this project was the high ground water level with 50% of the old pipe being permanently under water. Due to the reliable equipment and the accurate operation the project was successfully completed to the full satisfaction of all partners involved. 

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