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Replacement of a cast iron pipe Ø 100 mm with diameter upsizing
On behalf of the DUNEA water utility the comapny BAM Nelis de Ruiter in Rijswijk (South Netherlands) BAM has replaced a defective cast iron pipe G Ø 100 mm a PE-HD pipe Ø 160 mm over 532 m length with applying the static pipe bursting method GRUNDOBURST 400G3. To be able to directly pull in the larger diameter PE HD pipe an upsizing head Ø 200 mm was used.
For controlling the max. permissible tensile load of 6,7 t the tensile load measuring device GRUNDOLOG III was mounted to the inside of the new pipe. The measuring results proved that the average value of 5.25 t was not exceeded at any time. Icnluding set up and works the replacement job was done within 3 days. 
Client: DUNEA Duin & Water,Netherlands
Contractor: BAM Nelis de Ruiter, Halfweg,Netherlands
Place: Rijswijk, Netherlands
Date: 03. - 05.02. 2014
Equipment: GRUNDOBURST 400G3
Old pipe: Cast iron Ø 100 mm
New pipe: PE HD TS Ø 160 mm
Replacment length: 532 m
Uspizing head: Ø 200 mm
Special: Tensile load measuring with GRUNDOLOG III 40T