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Sacpro presents its ‘Techology Days’
CJ Kelly Associates recently attended the Sacpro Technology Days 2014, which was the fourth to be presented by Sacpro AB in Sweden over two days. Participants were presented with lectures, product demonstrations and a trade show with Sacpro suppliers exhibiting their various products and services.
During the Technology Days, installers from the pipeline lining industry were offered the latest information on lining techniques and products as well as being invited to try out these latest technologies on real lining scenarios. The event also offered attendees a major networking opportunity to meet and make new contacts and share experiences together in a relaxed atmosphere. Each year for its Technology Days, Sacpro invites all the contractors in the countries in which the company is represented either in its own right or through approved resellers.
“This year there were just over 70 people from some 40 companies, originating from eight European countries.” said an enthusiastic Fredrik Sterner, vice president at Sacpro AB. 
“The purpose of our Technical days is to create a venue for installers in the lining industry where they will get the chance to meet each other as well as a selection of interesting vendors. Visitors are given the opportunity to watch demos and try new materials, techniques and tools that simplify and streamline the daily working life when lining in the real world.” said Jan-Erik Svedlund , CEO and founder of Sacpro AB in Falun, Sweden.
Sacpro AB is a leading supplier of tools and materials for lining sewer systems. The company has over 20 years’ experience of lining in the field, first as a contractor working throughout Sweden and since 2005, exclusively as a producer of equipment and a supplier to contractors in the lining business. Sacpro has developed three brands Sacpipe®, Sacparts® and Sactools®. Along with its own brands, the company works closely with leading European manufacturer Brawoliner® for which Sacpro offers a complete range of lining products. Sacpro currently supplies products to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, but also to the Baltic countries, Germany, Belgium, UK and Australia.
Sacpro AB represents a full range of installation equipment marketed under the brand name Sactools. This includes Extruders, rolling mills, equipment for pipe milling and a complete system for installation of branch pipes. Sacpro holds the Brawoliner agency in Sweden and Finland.
“Our stock of Brawoliner is normally at about 7,000 meters of liner and about 3,500 kg epoxy resin.” said Krister Persson, who is responsible for incoming goods and outgoing deliveries at Sacpro’s site in Falun. “Our strength is that we have the capacity to deliver large amounts of installation materials to customers throughout Sweden and Finland, on the same day as ordered.”
The Sacpipe Connection System is a complete system for relining in buildings. The system includes installation materials from Brawoliner, with manifolds and connection fittings from SacPro’s own Sacparts division. All standard versions of Sacparts branch pipes are ready for delivery from the warehouse. Usually more than 50 Sacparts manifolds are held in stock.
“With our in-house production of the Sacparts products, we can deliver even custom-made items, usually the day after the order.” Krister Persson continued.
At the 2014 event, Sacpro showed its new 3-phase, 6 kW steam generator which is primarily designed to streamline work in large branch pipes, curing in columns and localised installations in collection pipes. Jockum Brodén, responsible for development and technology at Sacpro, has been running the development of the new steam generator. He also identified the need to monitor the temperature during the curing phase which led to a temperature gauge being developed and included in the Sactools range, along with the steam generator.
"With this equipment, we provide the installer with the ability to fully control installations. When you know the conditions and can control and measure the temperature during curing, the work becomes much more efficient and safe.” said Jockum Brodén.
The development of the Sactools Flex Tool, for fittings in branch pipes through bends, now means an operating range from 70 mm up to 150 mm diameter of the main pipe. The Flex Tool line complements the other Sactools manifold tools that can handle diameters from 70 mm up to 250 mm. Sacpro also offers special versions with up to four connecting pipes to the same main and dimensions up to 350 mm diameter.
As invited exhibitors Brawoliner, along with John and Martyn Kelly of CJ Kelly Associates, Brawoliner’s approved dealer in the UK and Ireland, Peter Bowyer and Mark Prendergast of Dyno Rod Norwich Franchisee P Bowyer Associates Ltd and Spencer Horsfield of Metro Rod (Hull, Lincolnshire & Peterborough), all CJ Kelly clients, showed the new HT liner and HT epoxy along with the new diesel-powered steam generator. The demonstration showed just how quickly an epoxy impregnated liner cures when the temperature can be raised to about 90⁰C. Brawoliner’s presentation of its new materials and devices showed how the company now offers entirely new possibilities for rapid installations, both in underground sewers and in-property sewer pipe systems. Mike Kolter, Hans-Joachim Fritz and Alfred Bachmann of Brawoliner also demonstrated the effectiveness of the new steamer when they showed how an installation with subsequent steam curing is completed.
Sacpro showed the new 6 kW electric steam generator from the Sactools range when a large branch pipe was installed. The whole process was monitored with the new temperature gauge. Especially for the English delegation attending with CJ Kelly Associates, which is also the Sacpro distributor in the UK, the method of gluing a plug was demonstrated. This is a method used in the installation of liners with an open end, but without having to use a calibration hose. The method uses a piece of Omaplata rubber hose glued to the end of the liner. After the liner has cured out, the plug is wrapped off by pulling a strap, which is used during the installation. On completion what is left in the pipe is a clean, open end that requires no post-processing.
Other exhibitors included Fini air compressors; Ridgid, with cameras and tools for plumbing works; Dancutter, with lateral cutters; Hilti power tools and Wareco, with workshop equipment. Structor showed how a plumbing consultant with relining expertise can work with clients and contractors.
Peter Bowyer commented on the two day event saying: “The hospitality was excellent and the trip was well organised and the products displayed and demonstrated were very interesting. I can see a future in our organisation for some of the new equipment we witnessed in action.”
Sacpro offered a presentation on activities involving both the Sacpipe Connection System and Sactools. Sacpipe Connection System is a complete system for pipe relining in buildings and includes materials, methodology, documentation, training and marketing. Sactools is a complete range of tools developed for relining in buildings. The range includes Extruders in four different sizes, manual and electric mills, steam generators and a temperature gauge, branch pipe tools, a monitoring device that notifies the installer with a text message if the power fails or if the compressed air pressure is below the set value. The S3 pressure/vacuum tool facilitates working with branch pipe tools. Users can easily switch between compressed air and vacuum by just moving a lever.
One of the largest insurance companies in Sweden, Länsförsäkringar AB, spoke about how water damage in houses, in various parts of the water supply and sewerage networks, has changed in recent years. There was also an insight of a large insurance company’s view on the relining industry, which certainly was both interesting and challenging for many of the visitors.
BRiF, which stands for the Association for Relining in Real estates, was represented by Tomas Sjögren who spoke about the association’s endeavours to set up a general education process for relining installers, which is currently absent in the Swedish market. BRiF argues that the use of Q3-approved installers should be a requirement in all procurement documentation for works. Q3 is a third-party inspection of installers, performed by SP, which is an independent Swedish inspection organisation.

Brawoliner gave a presentation about its new HT liner and epoxy resin to compliment the demonstrations. The system was specially developed for the requirements for installations in buildings. HT stands for High Temperature and is designed to handle hot water effluents from commercial properties using hot water such as that produced from dishwashers and manufacturing processes. The HT liner is also suitable for steam curing at considerably higher temperatures than the standard liners. High steam temperatures during curing will shorten the overall installation time significantly.
Spencer Horsfield of Metro Rod said of the event: “The Sacpro event in Sweden was both interesting and very informative. We were very well looked after by our hosts, and the event was very professional and every effort was made to bridge the language barrier. I was personally very interested in the demonstrations of the laterals cutters, Steam Curing and Top Hat Repairs, and all of these were covered in several presentations throughout the two days we were at the event. I came away with a positive attitude, and totally motivated, and have now been planning for some capital expenditure in 2014 on one or two of the items I saw. All in all, a very worthwhile exercise!!”
The market for linings in buildings has grown steadily since the early 1990s. Increasingly housing associations, property owners, property managers and construction companies are coming to understand the benefits of renovating sewer systems without open cut construction.
“When the methods and materials are reliable and the end result is the same as a traditional pipe replacement, we see that even more people choose lining instead of breaking up property to replace old leaky pipes.” said Jan-Erik Svedlund. “The approach that has dominated the market in recent years is to spray line with polyester plastics. But we see that lining with flexible liners is increasing and gaining ground against the various spray methods. So much so that even the leading spray companies are now starting their own departments that only work with lining.”
Sweden has by far the largest turnover in the larger renovation project market, where an entire property’s plumbing is renewed at the same time including standing columns, branch pipes and collecting pipes where the new pipe will a life expectancy of at least 50 years.
Installers working with minor service and emergency repairs are usually specialists in the field. Clients of the larger projects are usually the owners, with their own knowledge of what is available or which buy-in designs from an outside consultant. However, Sacpro still sees a big task ahead to inform clients and plumbing consultants on how best to procure lining.
Among the Swedish lining contractors companies can be found that combine lining with high pressure cleaning and camera inspection of sewer systems. They thus generate jobs for their own lining operations. Several of these contractors also perform larger projects where the sewer system in an entire property is renewed.
The larger contractors are usually quite specialised in lining work and have their own marketing department that study the market to find the big projects, which suit their business best.
Finally, there are entrepreneurs who combine traditional plumbing works or construction activities with lining. In this way they become a complete supplier to the customer. Many believe that entrepreneurs are the market area in which the most growth in lining will occur in the coming years.
For CJ Kelly Associates, John Kelly, senior partner said: “For us to see how the Swedish market works, the type and range of contractors and equipment suppliers there are, as well as witnessing the demonstrations and activities at the Sacpro Technical Days, was a most interesting opportunity and something of an eye-opener as to what could be achieved in the UK and Ireland markets. We would very much like to thank Sacpro for the opportunity afforded to us to attend the event.”
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