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Pipe Bursting Used to Replace Collapsed Sewer Line in Westborough
The Town of Westborough, Mass., with its total population of approximately 20,000 people, is located West of Boston and like many utilities has buried infrastructure made of varying sizes, types and conditions and accepts sewerage from nearby towns. In March, a segment of an existing 15-in., RCP sanitary sewer collapsed, causing a costly emergency repair and bypass. During that time, excavation was necessary to expose and restore flow. As that emergency repair was being performed, it was determined that there would be a high probability of future failure, specifically the emergency repair crew had issues finding solid enough pipe to make terminating connections to. The RCP pipe segment on its upstream end has a sanitary sewer forced main coming from the nearby town of Hopkington, Mass. The sections of RCP had severe H2S degradation at the crown with hanging gaskets that were apparent during a CCTV inspection performed following NASSCO PACP standards. Pre-cleaning was limited as further pipe failures were a severe concern until the bypass was in place. The emergency by-pass system was installed and left in operation until a risk evaluation and construction plan could be implemented to replace or rehabilitate the failing pipe located under a heavily traveled local roadway serving residential and commercial areas of the City. Source: TrenchlessOnline.com