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Sewerman Style 2012
This 'plop video' by Thames Water's Singing Sewermen is a bit of festive fun with a serious message - urging people not to wash drain-blocking grease from Christmas turkey dinners down sinks. Around 7,000 properties in London and the Thames Valley endure the misery of sewer flooding every year - a result of cooking fat, wet wipes and sanitary items being dumped down drains.
The tunelessness of the Sewermen's singing is inversely proportional to their determination to put an end to sewer abuse -- putting anything other than human waste or loo roll down drains.
The amount of fat dumped in Thames Water's sewers over a typical Christmas period averages 500 tonnes, the equivalent of one million Christmas puddings. Each Christmas the problem gets worse with the amount of used cooking fat poured down the drains typically rising by around 25% as people munch down turkey dinners. Three-quarters of the blockages Thames Water tackles are caused by food fat and its partner in sewer abuse crime, wet wipes. Food fat slips down sinks easily when warm but sets into hard 'fatbergs' when it cools down in the sewers. Wipes, which do not break down like loo roll does, then cling to the congealed fat causing more serious blockages.