Handbook of Pipe-Bursting Practice
Author / Editor: Meinolf Rameil

Publisher: Vulkan Verlag

Bibliography: 1st edition 2007, 351 pages

ISBN-No.: 978-3-8027-2750-4

Price: 60.00 €
Special offer price: 30.00 €
incl. 7% VAT

The progress of the trenchless pipe rehabilitation has been leaping forward in giant steps for the past twenty years. Because of its economical and technical efficiency, the pipe bursting method arouses great interest. This book introduces the technology of pipe rehabilitation by means of the pipe bursting method, provides extensive examples from practice and assists network owners, consulting engineers, planners and users in their every-day practice of specifying, tendering and performing pipe bursting projects. Content: Application range and methodology; Performing pipe bursting; Host pipe materials suitable; New pipe materials suitable; Economic efficiency considerations; Pipe bursting equipment; Method variations; International pipe bursting job stories; Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Testing and Inspection; Model bidding texts.

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