Dynamic Pipe Bursting

The pipe bursting method is an approved technique which is applicable according to the latest generally accepted technical standards. A pipe bursting machine is pulled through the old defective pipe. Its dynamic impact energy bursts the old pipe and displaces the fragments into the surrounding soil. A new pipe, of equal or larger diameter, is pulled in simultaneously. The old bore course must be usable for the new pipeline. Lateral inlets or bends have to be opened for a safe, tight and professional connection. The soil surrounding the old pipe must be displaceable, the distance to existing pipelines should be > 0,5 m.

The old pipe can be made of clay, cast iron, asbestos cement, plastic or unreinforced concrete. Pipelines requiring replacement usually have longitudinal cracks, are leaky, are offset, have missing pipe pieces, no pipe bedding or have partially or completely collapsed. With burstlining it is not always necessary to carry out internal high pressure cleaning or remove any of the old pipeline. Damaged inliners can be replaced by new pipes with the burstlining method by using a special bladed cutting head.

The machine bursts the damaged pipeline and pushes the fragments into the surrounding soil. Simultaneously the bore profile for the new pipe is expanded. The machine is pulled by a winch, which ensures line and level is maintained through the existing bore path.

The ground around  the old pipe is usually easily penetrated. There are virtually no upsizing limitations. The ground plasticity allows, if necessary, the new pipe carrying capacity to be increased by up to two nominal sizes. Groundwater lowering is only necessary in the starting and exit pits. The annulus around the new pipe can be filled by using a bentonite/cement-mortar mix during the boring procedure. A mortar collar is formed around the new pipe giving full surfaced adhesion and pipe support to the surrounding soil.

New PE or PVC-U pipes are especially recommended for sewage lines. These pipes are highly resistant, sufficiently flexible and easily adapt to align with the old pipeline. Expanding up to two nominal sizes and strengthening of the pipe wall is possible.


Dynamic pipe bursting method

Pipe bursting:
•environmentally friendly, trenchless pipe installations
•applicable for all types of damaged pipes
•increased capacity by one or two nominal pipe sizes is possible
•long pipe lengths without joint sockets, pressure pipes can be replaced, too
•Improvement of the bedding conditions by filling the pipe annulus
•innovative, quick - avoids unwanted social costs
•safe in accordance to technical regulations
•easy price saving calculations in advance
•long life GUARANTEE for new pipes

The special winch GRUNDOWINCH supports the bursting process with static pulling force and maintains stability of direction. It is equipped with a hydraulic pulling force pre-selection with self-tailing mechanism, in order to keep the pre-tension constant even with increasing resistance.

Grundocrack winch