The swagelining technology makes possible a costeffective pipe renewal while hardly effecting road traffic. The more than 1000 km of pipelines renewed by this method demonstrate its reliability. The special feature of swagelining is the larger diameter of the liner compared to the inside diameter of the old line. The return of the liner to its original diameter after having been pulled into the host line ensures its permanent tight fit.

Swagelining method

The Technique
Following cleaning of the old pipe, it is inspected by a TV camera and calibrated. Before being pulled in, the diameter of the liner is reduced by means of a reduction tool, the swagelining die. The applied tension forces are continuously monitored during this process.When the liner has reached its final position, the winch is slackened and the PE liner presses tightly against the inside wall of the host line - this guarantees a continuous and permanent tight fit!
The swagelining technique is suitable for all pipeline diameters ranging from DN 65 to DN 1000.

Swagelining with Grundoburst

Key benefits

• universal: no demands placed on the statics of the old pipe
• fast: one piece renewal of up to 1000 m
• energy-saving: change in diameter without thermal energy requirements
• cost-effective: use of standard PE material
• environmentally friendly: minimum construction site
• low cleaning demands: very good hydraulic properties